A biography of Jeff Watson: a Record of delivering for Canada and Alberta:
Proven Leadership

As part of Team Harper, Jeff helped deliver important results for Canada and Alberta:

  • taking the Alberta Advantage to the rest of Canada;

  • economic policies that led to over 450,000 Alberta jobs created during the Harper era;

  • cutting taxes 180 times, including the GST to 5%;

  • fought for, secured marketing freedom for western

  • farmers

  • income splitting for pensioners and families;

  • creating and enhancing Tax-Free Savings Accounts

  • lowering taxes, cutting red tape for small businesses;

  • ending the wasteful, ineffective Liberal long gun registry;

  • forcing CN &CP to move western grain during the 2013-14 rail crisis;

  • fought foreign-funded anti-oilsands groups, put them under audit for political activities

  • signing new trade deals with Asia and the EU to open markets, create jobs 

  • part of a team that beat back several Liberal-NDP attempts to impose a carbon tax; while four pipelines were built, and Northern Gateway approved, to carry Alberta oil to market.


Jeff served on both the Environment and Transport Committees; and chaired the Government's Auto Caucus of 40 MPs. In 2013, Prime Minister Harper appointed Jeff the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, where he served until 2015.

With his experience in uniting the right to form the Conservative Party of Canada, upon his arrival in Alberta, Jeff was invited by his long-time friend and former-colleague, Jason Kenney, to join his team as a senior provincial organizer.

Jeff currently works for Rick McIver, MLA and Minister of Transportation.  His consulting business, Issachar Strategies, allows Jeff to apply his more than 11 years of parliamentary experience and senior leadership skills on behalf his clients, which includes, among others, independent schools and parent groups who fought the former-NDP government for school choice and to preserve parental authority; and providing strategic advice to the Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader, Conservative Party of Canada.

Results Driven

Jeff's impressive record of delivering results led one Windsor Star journalist to declare him "the most successful federal representative" that region had ever seen.

I was the National Vice-President of the Canadian Alliance when I first met Jeff Watson and his family.  When the western based Reform Party came to Ontario, he and I were among its earliest supporters - finally, a party that reflected our rural Canadian values and offered a fair deal for western Canadians, especially Albertans.  Later, we joined the "unite the right" movement in Canada to end vote splitting and the dominance of the Laurentian elite in Montreal and Toronto.  When Jeff was first elected to Parliament, he asked me to be his Chief of Staff and so began a working relationship that morphed into a lasting friendship. You learn a lot about someone working with them as closely as I did. Jeff is hard working and principled.  He brought his family values, rooted in his Christian beliefs, into Parliament and defended them at every turn.  His riding was farm country dotted with small towns.  At the farm gate, he listened and learned all about their issues, then went to bat for them.  During that below cost of production downturn in crop prices, when farms that had been in the family for several generations were threatened by foreclosure and some producers in despair ended their lives, Jeff mourned with them and their families around their kitchen tables, then rolled up his sleeves and dug deeper. Jeff Watson is the real deal.  We need more like him in Parliament - people who do not compromise their values and who act with integrity at all times. 

Nancy Jahn, Former Chief of Staff