Proven leadership, real experience

My name is Jeff Watson. I’m seeking the federal Conservative Party nomination in Battle River-Crowfoot. I wanted to write so you can get to know me, who I am. I believe you will find we share values. I hope you will consider supporting me at the vote.


I came to Canada as an unborn child in my mother's womb. Unmarried and with few resources as a newly landed immigrant from Croatia, she placed me for adoption.   My adoptive mom (Stec) is Ukrainian and my dad is of Scottish descent, a reflection of how Canada – especially the West - was settled. I was given the great gift of a Ukrainian grandmother, my Baba, who ran the family farm. From her I got my love for pyrohy, holubtsi, and borscht. More important I learned, at her kitchen table, valuable life lessons: the love of family and country living, the value of hard work and taking pride in a job well-done.


While a student I met the love of my life, my wife, Sarah. Our Christian faith anchors us. Together we have 6 children. Our youngest, Beatrice, came to us through an Inuit custom adoption. She knows where she came from and who loved her enough to gift her to us to raise. During my time as the Member of Parliament for Essex (ON), PM Stephen Harper, Kevin Sorenson, and I championed the worthy cause of adoption in Canada.


I’ve always had an interest in our history.  My passion is to be an active part of a government in Ottawa that does what is right and that truly serves the people, not the elites. I joined the Reform movement during its infancy and later had the honour of becoming a Conservative MP, first in Opposition, then with the Harper government. My riding was rural, mostly farming country dotted with small towns, villages, and hamlets. While serving in that role, I learned how to get results for my constituents and my region by being their fighter in Ottawa.


Our ancestors came to Canada in pursuit of freedom and opportunity; and to me, our Alberta, its land and its people, embodies the same pioneer spirit today.  It was what drew me to Alberta.  "Go west, young man" was no cliché for me, it was the desire of  my heart. But without a united right, Alberta was captive to those who seemed bent on weakening the very things that make our Alberta what it is. When Jason Kenney asked for my help to create the United Conservative Party of Alberta, I accepted.


I’ve continued the work of unity and moving our province forward by working for Calgary UCP MLA Ric McIver. But forces are still at play - in the nation and globally - that want to landlock our oil and gas. And we’re betrayed yet again by a Trudeau government focused only on the interests of the Laurentian elite; meanwhile, making Albertans pay more than our fair share through equalization. We desperately need a government change in Ottawa, one that will once again champion Alberta's interests.


Many will come to you in this nomination contest, asking for your support. They will all be good, talented people with good values and intentions. Only I come with a conservative track record. And proven, tested values in the very place you may be sending one of us – to parliament in Ottawa. I’m ready to work for you, and those you love, on day one.


I ask for your support, to put my experience to work for you – fighting for a fairer equalization, to create jobs, to get pipelines built, to tackle rural crime, and to stand up to countries who play politics at the expense of our farmers.


To vote at the nomination meeting, when it is called, will require you – and anyone in your family 14 and older, to hold a valid CPC membership for 21 days or you can renew at the door if your membership has lapsed within 90 days. 


You have an important decision to make.  I welcome every opportunity to meet you, to listen, and to earn your trust for the hard work that lay ahead. Feel free to call me at 587-574-5800. I invite you to take the full measure of who I am. Thank you for your time and consideration.  

I am humbly yours,  

Jeff Watson

Nomination Contestant

Conservative Party of Canada Battle River-Crowfoot 


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